UE offers three services categories, EDITING, WRITING/REWRITING, and COACHING


EDITING service categories include;

Express Proofreading, 

Basic Proofreading,

Extended Proofreading/Line by Line Copyedit.


WRITING/REWRITING service categories include;

Deep Editing/Rewriting of Existing Text,

Revision of Existing Text and Generation of New Text,

Generation of New Text.*


*The generation of new text does not mean inventing new meaning through new text. Every effort is made to insure your meaning is honored and kept as the work's essential characteristic. This rule guides any development of text, unless you specifically request help in expanding, refining, delimiting, or finding a new tack and direction in your text(s).



Initial consultation,

One hour Skype sessions.


When you contact UE the specifics of the services you request are verified and itemized.

An evaluation INVOICE of $25.00 will be emailed. Dependent on the assessment, a closer look and discussion of the specifics of recommendations may be necessary prior to outlining a service plan. Once a service plan has been agreed upon an itemized service INVOICE is emailed to you within 24 hours, specifying project scope, anticipated editing services and costs, and/or coaching sessions and costs. Charges will vary if services are recalibrated (added or subtracted) as the project progresses. Recalibrated service plans will be accompanied by an INVOICE. The latest dated INVOICE represents the scope and costs of the service plan.

A 10% discount is available for projects paid in full upon delivery of the first project invoice. If the final invoice is recalibrated, the 10% discount remains.


Payment for services is managed through PayPal under the account name URBANEEDITI.

For small or simple work orders the evaluation (minimum) charge of $25.00 remains, the costs of services may be recalibrated.

For work orders costing more than the minimum charge, 50% of the anticipated costs for services requested is due before work begins. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the order and delivery of the final invoice.


URBANE Editing

32 W. Loockerman Street, M-09,

Dover, DE 19904