UE offers three services categories, EDITING, WRITING/REWRITING, and COACHING


EDITING service categories include

Express Proofreading, 

Basic Proofreading,

Extended Proofreading/Line by Line Copyedit.


WRITING/REWRITING service categories include

Deep Editing/Rewriting of Existing Text,

Revision of Existing Text and Generation of New Text,

Generation of New Text.*


*The generation of new text does not mean inventing new meaning through new text. Every effort is made to insure your meaning is honored and kept as the work's essential characteristic. This rule guides any development of text, unless you specifically request help in expanding, refining, delimiting, or finding a new tack and direction in your text(s).



Initial consultation,

One hour Skype sessions.

On going text coaching via email.






Contact Tom Hagood directly if you have questions, want to discuss specific needs, or just want to know more about what UE might be able to do for you. Contact me via email -

URBANE Editing

32 W. Loockerman Street, M-09,

Dover, DE 19904