Fee structures are determined by the project and the specific needs of the client.



Documents/Projects are first evaluated for the recommended or assigned edit. The evaluation fee is $25.00 (for 1-50 pages), $50.00 (for 50-100 pages), or $100.00 (for documents 100-200 pages in length). For documents over 200 pages, the review fee is determined on a case by case basis. The evaluation fee may also be waived, again, determined on a case by case basis. A first invoice is sent for the project evaluation. Upon receipt of the evaluation fee, a second invoice is sent describing services provided and costs associated with your goals and needs. This invoice acts as your contract.

If your needs are simple, proofing a document, the fee is $25 per hour of editing service

Editing with rewriting fees are $50 per hour. Significant rewriting and coaching in style and content can run up to $75 per hour, dependent on specific needs.  In this case, we will work closely with the client to prepare and present the best possible product.



"You have been a god-send for Ashton and us (Laurie and me). Thank you for your patience, passion, and guidance with Ashton...If we can ever be a reference, please let us!

Russell Wyatt for Ashton Wyatt, MA in Dance, Texas Woman's University








A 10% discount on total project fees is available for up front payment of fees.


Rates differ for hardcopy, MS WORD, and PDF files. The preferred format is MS WORD

If PDF format is desired and you require embedded editing in the file, an additional charge is added. Editing PDF documents takes longer to complete with currently available PDF editing tools.


Rates do not include return postage or copying costs for printed manuscripts. The best way to serve you is via email exchanged MS WORD files. Please anticipate an additional fee for any applicable courier services. Sending UE your document(s) in MS WORD saves you money and time. Let us know if you have a DropBox or similar account that you would like to use




UE uses PayPal, a reliable and easy means of transferring funds. We accept Bank Debit and Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit card payments. Money orders are also welcome. Personal and e-checks are not accepted.  UE can work on your manuscript in stages if that works best with your budget. 




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RATES for Editing